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Why Appreciate  Introverts?

Read this inspiring true story which was shared on our site. (names and locations have been modified to protect the privacy of the contributor)

As for the introverted kid reading this, be the best person you want to be. While you might feel invisible in a world that can't stop talking, know that you're not invisible -- you're infinite.

Are YOU shy or introverted?

You are not alone. The world is full of quiet people. Some of the most famous celebrities are actually shy people in real life. So here's your chance to let your softest voice be heard. Your story could make a difference.

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  Dec 19, 2013

  HuffPost Live: College Stress

  Watch here

  Nov 14, 2013 

  softestVOICES launched Elementary

  School shyness awareness program.

  Oct 11, 2013 

  ‚ÄčInternational Day of The Girl-Speak

  Out at the UN Headquarters NYC.

  Watch the webcast at:

softest VOICES was inspired by both, the shy and introverted of our society.
In a noisy, aggressive world that values extroverts, our mission is to dispel the misconception of introversion and shyness, being profiled as a  disorder.

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