This section will be dedicated to featuring kids who are friendless.

The purpose of this campaign is to let every lonely kid know that they are loved and supported.

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Caleb Miller, 13, Pennsylvania, USA 

 I really didn't know about my personality for a couple of years. My family was always big. So when we found out that we were having another child in the family we had to move to accommodate that. So when we moved I had to move schools. And that was dreadful to me. New friends (I really didn't make any). New teachers, Environment etc. So yes as a introvert it was pretty bad. I was very quiet and to be honest up to this point I tried fitting in... but I just couldn't and couldn't figure out why. And so 2 years went by with making some friends but not close friends. Then due to the school system my parents took me out of public school and put me into homeschool. And for some reason I enjoyed it. Being alone thinking to myself all the time (which I couldn't do in public school), And then I finally figured out who I really was. AN INTROVERT! It was so much help figuring out why I didn't have much friends, liked being alone, and most of all hated being with others for long periods of time. Sadly in 2 years I might be going back to public school to go to a Tech highschool :(

But I don't want to brag about this but introverts are a little bit more smarter than extroverts.

Wish Caleb a Happy Birthday on December 30th!

Hillary Dawson, 15, Arizona, USA 


I started high school this year and am struggling to make friends. I make every effort to reach out to people but they just shoo me away. I spend my weekends alone and wish I had more friends.

Wish Hillary a Happy Birthday on July 6th!

​Henry, 8, Germany

Are you told every once in a while that you shouldn’t make such a fuss? Or that you shouldn’t be so touchy? Does it worry you that you’re occasionally called a scaredy-cat or a crybaby? And that, in some moments, not even you own family understands you? All of that sounds familiar? Then you’re exactly the right kid for my story. Because I’ve found out what all of this is really about: It’s about a super power! You don’t believe me? Then please let me explain it to you! But first, let me introduce myself: I am Henry. The one with the Super Heart Force… That's what is the blurb on the backside of the book.