College Ambassador Program

 Please welcome our college ambassadors for the 2019- 2020 school year!

Our ambassadors will be helping spread the Softest Voices mission across college campuses.

Want to represent Softest Voices at your school?


​Rebecca Crystal, Barnard College '18, New York, New York

Rebecca Crystal is a senior at Barnard College majoring in psychology with a minor in education studies. After graduation, she plans to become a clinical psychologist and work with children who suffer from social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. As a shy and introverted person herself, she has long felt that introverts are raised to feel inferior to their peers and incapable of creating an impact. She hopes she can work with Softest Voices and its team to demonstrate that introverts have unlimited power to change the world if the rest of the world will stop to listen.

Jenna Toth, University of Vermont '20, Burlington, Vermont

Jenna Toth is a current sophomore at the University of Vermont majoring in public communication. She really wants to travel, live on the west coast or New York City for a time, teach English abroad and expand her YouTube channel. She think introverts are awesome because while they might not always say the most, they are super creative and in tune with themselves, which she thinks is very important.

Cara Pickering, University of Southern California '19, Los Angeles, California